Youtube ads only

Hello. My question is - did I receive any BAT tokens from only watching ads on youtube? Im asking because its 02.06 and still not receive ANY tokens, and next payment is 07.2020…

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No. Brave Ads is not shown on webpage. Brave Ads is appears as system notification.

Uh, shame :smiley:
Now I understand how it works. Thanks.

Not only on you tube but also even when you read adverts, the time you spends on reading also counts!

not blocking youtube ads anymore, help please, how to block them again?? thanks

@Fuguno forward your issue to

What do you mean the time you spend on reading?

Worst case, you could just install the adblock extension again

There are different types of “status” when you click on an ad.
If you read/ spend more time on the ad, the status becomes “viewed” if you only stay on for a few seconds, it becomes “clicked”.
I assume that you get less BAT for “clicked” then for “viewed”.

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Oh, something I didn’t know. Great!

niedz., 21 cze 2020, 14:10 użytkownik Emanuel via BAT Community <> napisał:

I mean do you read your ads or you ignore them