You guys fearing the crypto sell-off?

Hi all crypto fans,

I am wondering if any of you are starting to doubt if crypto will ever redeem its status as the new type of currency for everything?
I really thought the next crisis would trigger a flight from the over-borrowed FIAT currency into something independent of that.
Are people just in the need for cash or is it just mainstream that has not caught up with reality yet?



Hi, I’m not an expert. In my opinion it is only a matter of time. To date, cryptocurrencies are still seen by many as something shady, for crime, hackers and scammers. In reality, there are many projects behind it, which is why they should not be seen only as a monetary value. Logically I speak of what is the perception of people near me.


Doubt ? nope, I’m enjoying the experience of using an alternative form of barter.


I don’t believe it’s anything to fear. After all, the economic crisis some would say was long overdue. In that sense, conventional money systems are finally facing a bear market, something altcoins and the blockchain industry are familiar with. Rather than fear, I’m anxious to gather what I can to collect tokens while they’re at lower prices. I speak for myself and personal risk tolerance.

No doubt from me Qpez. I personally see this as a good thing in terms of both a cheap buying market and most important this will really test the resilience of the market. There will be no denying once we come through this not even from the Naysayers. It was always going to get dark before the true rays shine through. Faith my brother, Faith.

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I guess my point is just that even after all these years the entire crypto space is mainly an instrument for highly speculative bets and redistributing wealth. Maybe I am just missing out on the cool utilities that are available already?
I am excited about the Brave and BAT project and the pace at which new technology is being developed. Also, it seems like the DApp space is starting to get some momentum although I must admit it seems to be a big market place for gamblers and gamers?


That could be the case, but then I wouldn’t have a plethora of different opportunities to smother you with. I could do that, or I could share a link to a post here on STEEM. A blockchain for a community that rewards itself, and welcomes community members. It’s no scheme, but a social media website. I share my photos there. I have an MCO card, with perks of 2% cashback in their token and a Spotify Premium Rebate for staking those tokens. It’s a steal these days with the low token price. The cool utilities are out there, working their way slowly but surely. They have to take the right channels or face the wrath of the scrutinizing public, especially when Bitcoin and blockchain as a whole has been labeled ‘speculative bets’ and ‘a marketplace for gamblers and gamers’ in the past. We forget the community aspect because at times, we’re not looking for it. Lolli gets you cashback in Bitcoin at major retailer partners! When we remember the value it brings people, then we will have blockchain for everyone.


Not especially.

If you have assets, and are in the position to hold onto them, then you should. I still have the same (paltry) amount of BTC that I had before all the tragic mess started, so I haven’t lost anything in this regard.

I see the current situation as an opportunity to add to your portfolio as well as offering the potential to make active gains through trading. Easier said than done, of course. The markets are so chaotic and so easily spooked that it’s a dangerous time to be trading in what is already an inherently risky business.

We could all be tumbling headlong into a deep recession but I expect BTC to return to its highs eventually. Thus it seems like now is a very good opportunity to buy with a view to holding for the medium to long term. But do not take my word for it! I am categorically not a financial adviser, just a hobbiest.

What I will say is the notion that crypto - Bitcoin in particular - is a bulwark against financial chaos (i.e. a store of value) has been shown to be false, at least in these strange days.


Not fearing anything, we have seen this over and over again.

Actually, the more times there is a huge sell-off and the more times it recovers from it, the more I see it as a confirmation to persist in the long-term.

However, this is as much of an expectation I have towards crypto. I do not expect it to make magic things happen and definitely don’t put my hopes into it making me magically financially free.


Institutional dump is droppi g price. The but its good for HODLers.

Its probably got some moredown trend to come but its also correcting itself.

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Everybody needs money,not after the knock off of covid 19.

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