You can use the Basic Attention Token (BAT) brand?

Hi, I would like to use this image with BAT on my site, is it possible ? or is it illegal, can someone help me ? I write from Italy thanks

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Good question. They have branding guidelines for Brave ( but I couldn’t find anything for BAT.

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BAT is a token, I think it goes as any other cryptocurrency or money. I don’t think they’d find it bad for any use of its image. As they want it to be shown as much as possible.

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BAT is also a brand and brand consistency is important. So I suspect that the above image is technically off-brand. You can download the assets from my previous link for more (BAT imagery is included with Brave).

But, really, do they care that much?

Thanks to everyone for the considerations made, I’m glad that now there is also an official topic in Italian on the BAT forum, so I can express myself better.

Excuse me, my English comes from the translator, Ciao