Would a website owner be able to connect to Brave's built-in donation screen?


I’m wondering if Brave is working on a tool to allow a website publisher to have a button or a widget built into the page that would trigger a donation of a certain amount to that site. Is tipping functionality always going to be built into the browser (in the URL bar), or would it be opened up to websites as well? I guess I’m imagining something like MetaMask: you set an amount to donate (and maybe a pinned amount as well) in the website’s interface, and then when you click the send button, it brings up the tipping window to confirm.

The reason I’m asking about this is that I think this feature will be super important for adoption; without it, donating BAT to that site simply won’t be as seamless as it otherwise could be, which would result in fewer people donating. I’m thinking specifically of things like a PayPal widget, or the donation box on sites like The Guardian or Wikipedia. If those boxes weren’t built into the website and required a user to do something from their browser or another tab, they would probably get significantly fewer people following through, because all they would be able to provide is a tutorial on how to donate.

I don’t mean to sound negative or anything, I’m just thinking from a perspective of a website trying to maximize BAT donations from users, and imagining a web developer having to put an arrow in the web page that points to the BAT symbol in the URL bar makes me sad.

An extension of this question would be: if a website could plug into the BAT donation browser UX, would it also be possible to send donations to different sites or parties? For example, would it be possible for a website to have a box that said something like “Or donate to our sister/parent company:” and then trigger a donation to a site that isn’t the one the user is currently visiting?


@daniel Did you ever get an answer on this? Cause having a button on the site saying “Like what we do? tip us with BAT” and have it open up the tip window or send them to a new page if they don’t have Brave would be really nice, and a great way to share the idea of BAT with your site visitors if they don’t know what it does.


@daniel not sure if there is a tool in progress for that at the moment, but I completely understand the idea here. I searched Github but didn’t see anything, but I may not be using the same language to search as someone may use to describe it.

The arrow thing would make me sad too. Plus, it would be hard for that arrow to probably point to the correct spot when going from screen to screen, I would think.

I’m with you: In time I’d love to see something like this show up.

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