Why does my site show as verified in Android but not in my desktop browser



I have added verification to my site but it seems that only the android clients can see that it is verified.
When I try to go to the site with a desktop browser It shows as unverified.

Is there something different I should do for the desktop browsers?


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If you verified your site recently, it may take up-to 24 hours due to DNS propagation. Alternatively clear your browser cache and update your browser. Hope this will fix your issue.


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Your desktop browser might not have synced up yet to the new publishers list. That is usually the case if it’s been within 24-48 hrs of verifying. I recommend restarting your browser on desktop every so often and checking again.

If it’s been much more than 24-48 hours, you may be encountering a bug for which we have a fix which will land relatively soon in the main release of the browser. The workaround for now is to go into your brave-browser folder, and delete a file called “publishers_info_db”. That should basically clear your browser’s verification status cache.

Hope that helps!