Why BAT community is the best one?

Well, couple days ago, CoinDeal - an exchange platform from Europe - announced vote for upcoming cryptocurrency. 3 days left and BAT is absolutely killing it: https://coindeal.com/vote

2nd placed XTZ is over 800 votes behind!

You guys are amazing, thank you all! :clap:


Just wanted here to say that BAT has won with 2291 votes!!! (2nd placed XTZ had only 387 votes!).

According to CoinDeal’s twitter, they are going to add BAT to their platform within the next 4 weeks:

Once again THANK YOU!

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And it’s live! BAT is finally available on CoinDeal exchange, thanks to you guys!

Here’s official news article about BAT listing - they’ve also put a link to Brave website there, encouraging their users to download Brave browser:


Also, another cryptocurrency that has won the next CoinDeal’s voting is Cardano.