When will transfer of BAT from one phone to another be set up?

I spent a lot of time viewing ads and earning BAT on my old phone, only to find out that they cannot transfer to my new phone! Is there any workaround? Why isn’t this a priority to resolve?

I didn’t think BAT is stored on your phone, isn’t it kept in the Uphold Wallet ? :thinking:

Currently no. Wallet verification for mobile and wallet sync will be added in the future.

@kiwibloke unless you verify your wallet (for now only available on desktop), your BAT will be kept in the in-browser wallet.

Unverified in-browser wallet only can be used to earn BAT and contribution.

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It’s not fair at all to mobile users like myself. I want to know if they are working on this now. It’s hard to believe that mobile users are simply casted aside as unimportant. Why select to view ads if there’s no way to transfer or use the earned BAT?

Yes, it’s in the works. Brave Rewards for mobile is in active development. But development can take times.

Apologies for the inconveniences and thanks for your patience.