When I get my rewards?

it shows the Estimated rewards pending is 0.65 BAT 0.14 USD but in my wallet it is 0:sweat_smile:

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Well, that’s because you need to wait for payment. Check your wallet after 5 November


Bruh are you really sweating them over 14 cents like dude come on man I don’t even have a job and blew thru my savings months ago and I’m not in here asking them about some pocket change bc I understand that there’s this thing called building the platform and with that comes key pieces of the puzzle like getting all the partners and 3rd parties involved and up to speed give them a chance bud I’m sure that once they have all pieces laid out and put in place it will all come together and you will get your two nickels and four pennies as I as well as everybody here are positive that your spare change is of the utmost importance to them and on top of there list of things to do :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


OK bro I understand, I just post my small doubt :grin::grin:

Same here it said Estimated pending rewards

0.90BAT not much change on this

and now Next payment date changed from Nov 5 to Dec 5

is there a magic minimum which i have not found or reached ?

@krishnawa just got 0,25 BAT credited from October seems to be very manual at the moment :slight_smile: