What's happening to brave ads?

I dont understand what’s happening to brave ads early last month. Before now ads use to pop up regularly when i set it to 5 ads per hour, but now, its only 1 ad a day, some days no ad, and its only bat community ad that is popping. Is there an explanation to that?


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The support team is the only one that can answer that sir!

I think Vitalize says the truth.

@7seros I never experience a 5 per hour Ad. It’s just like random and when It’s night time I barely receive an Ad.

Answered here https://community.brave.com/t/faq-why-am-i-not-seeing-brave-ads/62433

its been a while some of us did not receive any ads but they are still coming just like last month,they were few.

What’s happening, have not been seeing ads on Android for some time now

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Try turning Brave Rewards off and on again. It has worked for me on my mobile after no ads for a couple weeks. Got ad within a few minutes

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Did you talk to the support team?If not may you please to talk to them.

Hello, the truth happens little to me, for me everything well, I do not know how to help you… I am sorry!

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I’m also having the same issue for couple days.

I’m literally getting zero ads and I’ve try to switch ads on/off but I think there’s something bigger than that.

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