What made you download brave for the first time

Hi all. I would like to know what made you guys to download the brave browser either mobile or web version. For me , it was in 2017. I got fed up with all popup ads on chrome and searched for a better mobile browser with ad blocking and came across brave. It’s been my default mobile browser since then… I would like to hear stories of other guys especially from those in India.


HI there

I decided to ditch chrome for Brave in 2017 as well, and oh my has this browser grown.

My reason for doing this, is not ad blocking, or anything like that, but for privacy and security. Brave is by far the best and most secure browser. I hope brave takes the browser market, and does not sway and only improves on everything.

Viva Brave, best browser. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can learn a lot.

I’m from South Africa


I have had exactly the same experience, chrome is so slow due to cached data and ads / trackers. Brave has great settings for privacy and is a pleasure to use. I am also from SA. Great to see another person from SA.


Good to hear. I first downloading it for ad blocking. But after using it realized how better it was compared to chrome. Hope these guys will continue to make it better. I have high hope after looking at the research topics.


For me it was pretty obvious “you get a reward in the form of tokens just for browsing”. I liked the idea you can pass on/tip websites you wish to support. I’ve never liked chrome, chromium, IE, for a long time firefox has been my #1 choice.

I am new to Brave (about 2 weeks) and so far, I’m finding it pretty good and easy to use.


I have never found Firefox to be good. It has always been a slow awful experience. Maybe before Chrome 50 it was good. Anything from Microsoft is awful. Even Edge Chromuim is a waste. But Brave, rewards, no rewards. To me that is a minor benefit as the browser gives me the control. Opera would be my second choice. And ahoy BlokStax, nice to have you here sir. Hope you enjoying Brave.


With experience in web design, Firefox is the most widely supported browser regarding stability, It is the only other browser that I will use if push comes to shove. I agree that the rewards is a nice feature but it is in no way the reason for using brave, It has all to do with Privacy.

Thanks beastkisser, I am liking the community so far. Everyone seems to have the same mindset and everyone is friendly. I am enjoying brave but recently rewards got activated so now there is no turning back. :wink:

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It was the combination of privacy, speed and - let’s be brutally honest - the idea of being able to earn BAT.

I’m a front-end developer by profession and Chrome was my browser of choice but in the last 6 months I’ve felt confident enough in Brave to adopt it as my personal browser of choice and professionally I use it 95+% of the time over Chrome. The Chromium base makes Brave a brilliant browser without any(?) of the Google cruft that comes with Chrome.