What kind of ads do you see?

So, if I can tell one I can suggest the Yellow House in Kuala Lumpur, but because I know for sure they are very serious. I have been with them for a while, and Shyam the owner is a friend.

But if I have to choose one more generic topic, surely climate change should be taken as the first point. Followed by the fight against fake news.
Other important topics are access to primary resources such as water, food and the internet for everyone. so, There are a lot of things.

What you do with donations is great. Being able to support projects directly is certainly a big step.

The advs work well to find the project. Maybe one thing that could be done and make it easier to find these projects. Could be create a website that combine these projects, so that users can discover and support projects from one place. A sort of repository of NGOs and projects.

I see mostly ads from Brave, about BAT, some about other cryptocurrencies/games, and more recently - to my surprise - one from Amazon. I immediately checked batgrowth for my first time in a little while, to see several mainstream faves like wikipedia and HRF. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the direction of growth of Brave creators and advertisers.


@Rhomagus You can view them later! If you miss them on desktop, go into Brave Rewards, look in the “Ads” area and take a look at the bottom-right. There’s an option for 7 day ad history. :slight_smile:

The ads are based on your local browsing history. We store the ad catalog on your local machine and it determines what would be a best fit for you without Brave knowing your browsing history.

@MarcooRo Checked out the Yellow House. They look pretty good! (Tell them to fix the video on their front page!)

We actually have a bunch of charities we’ll be working with on Giving Tuesday. Stay tuned for that.

And I agree 100% – the fact that we can use BAT to support charities is super important to do.

The charity portion of a website is a good one. Maybe we could start with a list on the forums and eventually get to a page that shows charities that can receive BAT based on category.

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Thanks @Dan!

There were a few ads I accidentally dismissed and I actually did want to see them. Good to know I can view them on my own time. Do I still get BAT credit for viewing them or is the credit just automatic as soon as it is fed to your local machine?

Once it appears, that’s when you’ll get credit. If you go back and view them, that won’t result in additional BAT, but you’ll see what you missed.

Hi @Dan, I see the page https://bitcointuesday.org/ is really nice. I wrote to my friend, I hope she have make the account, as soon as I can I’ll turn the link to you :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

Did you see this? https://brave.com/givingtuesday/


Hi from Perth WA. Received 34 ads so far this month. Mostly Defi (same ad 3-5 times) , charities wanting Bitcoin or BAT ads. Since most of my browsing activity is crypto related and the 1st mover advertisers would already be crypto related. Makes sense.
Always kept a couple tabs open with crypto sites so it is showing your attention in browser history. The ads you see are based on what you view.
If you only look at cats and dogs, there may not be any pet food advertisers yet. There fore you will get no ads to view.
Also another tip, open ad, click on a few things (e.g. start to create account) then close it. The ad will show up again. Sometimes within minutes.


thank you @Bragato18 nice tips!
Me too, the ads that I see at moment are all about crypto and charities.

Honestly - not many. The ones I do view, typically don’t offer any products I’m interested in. Now and then I think, “That’s a good charity” however — there are others I find more impactful on the heart strings (ie. Make-A-Wish) … As traction grows though with Brave, I think it’s only a matter of time until companies like “Amazon, XYZ department store (or the like)” begin advertising products that appeal to a wider audience.

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happy you found the ideas useful.
I recently started following crypto projects on Twitter, as its an easy channel to access info direct. Then I started retweeting, then tweeting but found the average joe doesnt use twitter but is on Facebook. So also posted the tweets and retweets on Facebook to access a wider audience. I post and tweet in Portuguese ( for my Brazilian family and friends) and English.
I have been using the channels to promote Brave Browser and BAT. But have found other ways to get rewarded with crypto and tell my friends about the opportunities out there.
So if you are interested, check it out


I am seeing ad related to crypto donation, bat, publish0x etc… no mainstream ad till now.

@Dan How is Brave targeting it’s ads? Based on what data and where does it take it from? thanks

@Dan do you have some info on this? thanks

@Dan do you have some info? thanks

Have just started seeing mainstream ads. amazon.com.au, booking.com prior to this, was mainly crypto related.
Was seeing roughly 1 ad per hour or when I opened brave browser. Now seeing about 2 at a time on mobile. Not many ads coming through on my laptop at the moment.
I have my settings at 5 per hour and in time it will happen when more mainstream advertisers start to use Brave.
As BAT increases in value the amount of BAT we receive will decrease pro rata, so the relative $ value remains the same. That is just a guess.

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