What do you think about Thailand ? 🇹🇭

What did you imagine about Thailand? And if you have chance to come here what you will do and where you would like to go ?


i want to eat and see plants a plant market with orchids


Umm that sounds nice in Thailand have a lot of food you will love it

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I was actually there twice, and I loved every experience I had there! Managed to watch the Calypso Cabaret as well as walk around Chatuchak. Also had several bowls of bugs, when I was there. Hehehe…

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Such an impressive country :thailand: I been there a lot, I can’t wait till all airports are open to fly there again ( Phuket, Kho Samui ) my favorite 2 places . I love Thi food :shallow_pan_of_food: > tom yum soup :stew: > seafood :lobster:. Nice beaches and peace of mind :heart:

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Wow that nice and also Phuket is great idea for come to Thailand and have a nice vacation :pray:t2::blush:

Sound nice wish you come back Thailand again :pray:t2::blush:

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I’ll for sure, and I hope we can meet.

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I plan to come back next year, in time for Songkran. Maybe we could meet that time? :slight_smile: Meanwhile, Happy Songkran in advance! Stay safe

:+1:nice lock down staying indoor make you bound more with ypur family

Dont want to think about it.

Was gonna visit it this summer all plans cancelled :sob:

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К сожалению, не была там. В ближайшее будущее надеюсь удастся попасть туда

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