What about creating avitars for the profiles

what if for profile maybe add a avaitar that can be upgraded with bat rewards. that leaves the door open for a ecosytem based on creating the upgrades for the avaitars.

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Hey @Wizo4247, interesting idea. Would this be a Brave profile? On a website? For a game? Let us know more!

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a brave profile only makes sense since your goal is to have a custom browser with custom ads and content only makes sense to have a custom profile. let us know who is us?

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idea advertisers pay rewards to browsers then those same companies create and sell virtual items that the browsers can buy for the virtal avitar… that creates a complete circle for the BAT rewards…

@Wizo4247 While we don’t have any plans to build that, perhaps you could work on such an idea and bring it to the forum! :grinning:

wish i had the skills to write code nor do i have the network of people to make it happen. im willing to learn or work on it tho