We need YOUR questions for our Giving Tuesday event November 19th!

This Tuesday, November 19th, we’re holding an online Giving Tuesday panel… and we need your questions!

For the first time ever, there will be a concentrated effort around the world’s largest traditional day of giving, Giving Tuesday. Bitcoin Tuesday is Giving Tuesday for cryptocurrencies and utility tokens.

This Giving Tuesday, 100+ nonprofits will be fundraising cryptocurrency donations, and these nonprofits have millions of followers. With Brave’s 8+ million user base and our Brave for Good campaign, this will become one of the most positive and covered days in crypto history!

To bring more attention to the nonprofits involved in Giving Tuesday, Brave is doing an ad takeover and will only display ads for charities! :raised_hands:

To get ready for this day, we’re hosting a live panel at 12PM PST on November 19th to discuss Giving Tuesday, and have these special guests planned:

Now, post your questions! What questions do you have around giving with Brave and Basic Attention Token? What questions do you have for our four panelists?

If you’re wondering what kind of nonprofits you can help on Giving Tuesday, here’s a sample of a few charities The Giving Block works with so far:

  • Lupus Foundation of America - works to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus.
  • Human Rights Foundation - Believe Bitcoin is a tool for freedom, and key for privacy and human rights.
  • Dementia Society of America - Exploring what blockchain and crypto mean for ending Dementia.
  • Code to Inspire - Teaching Afghan women to code blockchain, paying them in Bitcoin.
    … and many more charities coming soon.

Together, we can help these charities with donations, and hopefully make other charities aware of the benefits of accepting utility tokens and cryptocurrencies!

For more information about Giving Tuesday, check out GivingTuesday.org.
For more information on the collaboration between The Giving Block and Brave, check out the post onThe Giving Block’s blog here.


Ways you can help spread the good on Giving Tuesday:


We’ll be leveraging the entirety of the Brave Ads delivery on December 3rd as a social driver to help spread awareness for Giving Tuesday on social media. Brave Ads users may come across ads relating to Giving Tuesday and will be given the option to click-through the ad to tweet about the cause to spread the word on Twitter.

If you haven’t already opted in to seeing Brave Ads—what are you waiting for? (Go to brave://rewards to activate!)


Get Brave here if you don’t already have it. Opt into Brave Rewards. You’ll earn BAT by seeing privacy-respecting ads, and you can pay it forward by donating a portion of your earnings to causes of your choosing using the Tips or Auto-Contribute features in Brave Rewards. Simply head over to the website or Twitter page belonging to the non-profit you wish to support, and donate directly by clicking on the BAT logo displayed within the page or in your URL bar.


If you have your own Twitter (or website, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Vimeo, or GitHub account), get set up as a Brave Creator. Then, activate the Referral Program and generate a referral link that you’ll share with your friends & family to get them using Brave. You’ll get rewarded in BAT for each new user you bring to Brave*, and they, in turn, can make donations in BAT to causes they care about (as well as participate in click-to-tweet to spread awareness from #1).


Go out into your local community on Giving Tuesday and do some good: Challenge yourself to find creative ways to “pay it forward;” help out at a local soup kitchen or non-profit, or do something kind & unexpected for someone else. Afterward, tell us about your good deed on Twitter by tweeting using the hashtag #BeBraveForGood. (If you can, snap a quick photo or video in the midst of your good deed and share it with us too! Bonus points for rocking your BAT & Brave gear!)

If you don’t have any BAT & Brave swag, don’t worry! We’ll be looking through the #BeBraveForGood hashtag for people to award with free merchandise for participating and helping spread the good!

Get involved! While we should all strive to do good each and every day, on Giving Tuesday, let’s all make a conscious effort to do go the extra mile and to help spread awareness for a great cause!


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