Ways to learn about how crypto works

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I am opening up a discussion for anyone new to the crypto world and even to those who have experience. I happened across Blockgeeks and it has been a decent place to start to learn about crypto in general. What I like is that you earn blocks within their platform which can be converted into crypto. I am hoping they start to have more instructor training because some of the instructors i have watched don’t really have that skill mastered. Not to say they don’t have the knowledge of the subject they are teaching but the delivery of it is what counts. Anyone have other good suggestions? This is all still the wild wild west and teaching platforms have a huge potential to do very well.


Hello @mtmrw, I believe that before talking people about money :moneybag:, we should tell them about ledgers :ledger:. As Bitcoin is.

My suggestion is to:

  • First: share the Bitcoin’s whitepaper :open_book: The best way to teach people is by taking them to the source.
    The original document (in English) can be found at: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf
    Also, there’s a Spanish translated version: https://bitcoin.org/files/bitcoin-paper/bitcoin_es_latam.pdf
  • Second: Do analogies between the technology and the ‘normal’ stuff to people. If they can attach their own knowledge to new things, they’ll be building blocks on their minds. :computer:
  • Third: Mark the differences between the Fiat money and the cryptocurrencies. If they can relate the benefit from Bitcoin and its derivatives, they’ll surely start considering to migrate to crypto money. :money_with_wings:

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Hello mtmrw!

I, myself, am new to the cryptocurrency scene and have been researching and learning as much as I can. I still have a long way to go, and I am certain there are many out there in the same boat. I thought you might be interested in CryptoCasey, a YouTuber that is very good at teaching what she knows about cryptocurrency. I am only half into her Beginners Guide to Buying Cryptocurrency, but I have to say, she is very clear and detailed while packing a lot of information into a short amount of time.


Cool. Thanks for the reply. Will check her out.

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Looking forward to learning more

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Bockgeeks looks very interesting although their pricing is difficult to find! George Levy has courses on Udemy which are grt for beginners and very small one time fee-he keeps them updated as msrket moves too so a useful resource.

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