Watch the new BRAVE Commercial! 🦁

Hey guys,

Have you seen the new BRAVE Commercial? I am honestly thrilled and so loving it! Sharing it for those who have not seen it yet. Continue sharing brave with your friends, officemates and families! Brave is truly skyrocketing Don’t settle for less make them use brave browser!

Make the internet a better place! Give the power back to the users that make it great at the first place. Instead of giving up your privacy for the privelege of using the internet. Brave lets you choose to be ad free or opt in to watch privacy respecting ads and you will be rewarded everytime you do it! Amazing, right? The free user first internet that rewards you for your attention instead of those digital dystopia you’ve been settling for. :sunglasses:

#BeBrave #BATProject


There’s 3 new commercial. one word, AWESOME!

Number 1: PRIVACY

Number 2: SPEED

Number 3: CREATORS


Which one did you like the best @markramos118991?


Good question @Dan. Well honestly, i love all 3 commercials. Coz they are all essential features of brave that makes us ahead of the game against other big tech giants. These features will make brave gain more users and with more users means more we’ll have more people join the rewards programs. More people requires more ads. An increase in demand typically requires an increase in supply. So to put that in a simple equation, more users + more ads = more BAT (rewards)

But still, to answer yer question, really tired of those big tech giants profiting off our data benefiting them instead of the users. Love the concept that instead of being used, brave rewards its users with their regular browsing usage. Brave indeed brings back the power back to the users that make internet great in the first place. :blush:


:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

With 1.0, we’ve added the box on the new tab page to make Brave Rewards more visible, so we hope more people opt-in to Rewards as a result.

Speaking of users… Did you see this?
Sorry for the delay, I usually tweet these out within the first week of the next month:
October DAU 2.8M, MAU 7.9M users. Current numbers bigger, tracking to 9M+ MAU and 3M++ DAU for November.

Me too. This is what turned me onto Brave a few years ago! :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw this on my facebook feed as a sponsored ad, not this presenter another women or even might have been a man. I wanted to post it but for some reason I didn’t really like the ad, thought it make me look like I’m selling something instead of just letting people know about this sweet new browser. Did anyone else feel that way?


@DaveFidel Good feedback. What type of content would you have liked to see to make the video more sharable, and not as commercial-like?


I love Brave, don’t get me wrong. But with a few addons I also like the idea of Cryptotab, though I’ve gotten say the rewards are better with Brave.


Hi braveians :kissing_heart:


I also agree that it feels like Brave is sort of selling something and putting down others too much. It has enough features to draw in its own attention. Don’t educate the public about trackers and battery usage and how that happens in the background. Just tell them this will be better, faster and more secure. Since it actually is, they will recognize it after just a little bit of use and happily recommend it to their friends and family. When you get to the built in VPN, there will be no stopping Brave.


100% agree! Brave will dominate the market.


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I Like this bat token.It is very good token.

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Yeah…very cool commercial. Go brave go bravely.


Hey guys i didnt get free 7$ why can any one guide me???


Brave is awesome. No other browser can match brave. From a happy Ghanaian using Brave Browser


Hi im new her
Can anyone tell me how can i work here

U can post your problems on the browser here as well as share interesting threads too. There are many things to do here. Also u can share your brave links to your friends to download the app. Brave link is like this


Really glad they care about facts and numbers in this campaign, it’s not the main thing that will encourage people to switch, but it’s very important to inform others what they are losing :wink:


is that like a hungry jacks thing “the burgers are better” ? sounds catchy for australia at least, nice one