Want a $20 Amazon gift card? Help us train Brave's machine learning! (Instructions)

For more information, see here:


Hope more opportunities will be opened globally in the future. Nevertheless, we will continue supporting brave! :grinning:



I’d be interested.




Hi @coolbaron, please follow the link above and send a PM to Moritz on the community.brave.com sister forums :).


Hope I can join in here in the Philippines

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Unfortunately, its not opened here in PH @Chamcham. But no worries, sooner or later they’ll have other promotions opened globaly. For the mean time, enjoy using the browser’s features and keep supporting brave! :wink:

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Sign me up I’ll down with teaming up to get head…

Go for it guys! Just click above link and follow instructions. :slight_smile:

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I am interested in this study, but can’t figure out how to DM you. I was asked to log in, but it didn’t accept my login information–is it a different site that I need to log into to DM or what? Anyway, I’m willing to participate.

Hi Wendy, it is indeed a different website/forum (so you’ll have to quickly register an account there, too) That one is the Brave community, and this is the BAT community. We’re sister forums, but still technically separate :slight_smile: Sorry about the extra step!

Thanks so much for wanting to sign up!

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Im in the UK. I’ll contribute if needed.

Great to hear it @pcooklin! Head to the link and see if they’re still looking for volunteers. :slight_smile:

i’m really curious about one thing there.

How will you train Brave’s machine to deal with vpn ?

i could just think people will exploit this, no ?

i’m also concerns about vpn cuz i really love vpn.


@PereCastor – If you’re referring to the study, I’m assuming they’ll be able to determine if the data sent over is from the correct locations.