Wallet/Reward sync between computer and phone

Hello im sorry if this has ben mention before, i couldn’t find anything about this. Mods can move or remove this thread if so.

I got 20 BAT for a week ago and i can see it on my Brave browser in my phone but i can’t see it on either my mac mini or macbook air. Why is it like that?

I have synced my Mac mini, macbook air and oneplus andriod phone.
My uphold wallet is verified with Brave browser. Is there something I haven’t done right or does it take time to update it on brave browser on computers?


Good question because I’m facing the same ‘problem’ and until now have’t found any answers for it.

Hi @Vonh and @jay.jr – Wallets do not sync between mobile devices and desktop yet. Sync is only for bookmarks at this time.

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Hi, this means that my desktop and my mobile device are having two different wallets and both of them will appear as different cards in uphold?

@Xilef That is correct, desktop and mobile have two different wallets. Right now the desktop wallet has the ability to connect to Uphold. You cannot connect your wallet on the mobile apps to uphold just yet, but that will be coming in a future release.


How long do you think it will take to connect mobile wallet to uphold.

It’s in the works, but not sure the timeline just yet.


Thank you @dan :slight_smile: So what you mean is, even if you sync your phone and computer brave are collecting information from 2 different browsing histories?

That is correct, they do not sync at the moment. In the future we will sync that info. (I’m excited for that myself.)

Are there any other features you’d like to see synced?