Viewed first advert today

Up till now it has been mainly DeFi and Charities seeking crypto donations. Probably due to the type of browsing I do. So was amazed that one of the big boys are advertising with Brave. And I have never visited but I did look at their ad only cause they paid me to.
Also noted that I am starting to see more than 1 ad per hour. Have setting at 5 ads per hour max but had been averaging less than 1 per hour.


Just had a thought…
As BAT increases in value the amount of BAT we receive will decrease pro rata, so the relative ad $ value remains the same. That is just my guess. Would love to be wrong.
All the more reason to collect as many as you can while BAT are still relatively cheap. ALT $AUD1.23 on 9 Jan 1018. Whether it is buying or earning them.