User reward incentive and tracking

Hi all, question for @LukeMulks & @Dan will there ever be a restructuring of the rewards to track user engagement and time spent reading or maybe even eye tracking? what about a quiz at the end of and advert that rewards correct answers with BAT or product discounts?

I would Like to hear any other thoughts from other community members.


The “Attention Score” would be a nice gimmick :wink: Or a statistics triangle with earned/spent/received.


Yeah that is a good idea, the only thing is how to measure said Attention?

Maybe via the BAT Tokens. Due to the provided transparency you can see how every token made its way to a specific account.

@BlokStax There have been discussion of ads that would award you based upon additional engagement. For example, there could be a 3D interactive tour of a car. If you check out the interior, the features, the radio, etc. you’ll receive additional BAT. Check out the engine, you get additional BAT.

The quiz idea is interesting! :slight_smile:

@Oneironautik This would be an interesting one! There are apps out there which are “attention aware” and will pause videos if you look away or are not paying attention. There could be a case in the future for something like this, and the local device would require the hardware would need to be there to measure this attention.