Uphold Wallet vs Brave Rewards

Hi, I tried to withdraw my bat tokens and i think it worked. So now i have a portion of them in my uphold account. I also have another portion still on my brave rewards. Can someone explain how the withdrawl works. For example lets say i have 50 BAT in Uphold now but Brave Rewards shows 100 BAT.

I am confused. Is my BAT balance Uphold + Brave Rewards so in this example 150 BAT. I believe i read somewhere that there is some kind of vesting that takes place before you can withdraw BAT from Brave. Just curious as to how it all works.



Uphold should have a “BAT Card” which your Brave browser will use. You must verify your wallet under Brave rewards within the browser for this to work.

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Yes i did all that and was actually able to withdraw. I am confused because I see one amount in uphold and another in Brave?

Hold on, now they are in sync. But I am still confused as it showed 200 BAT in my Barve and now that is reduced to match my uphold amount. Please advise.

Why we need uphold to brave