Uphold wallet problem

Can I change from Uphold? I’ve used Brave for a year or so and really like it. I finally decided to verify my wallet with Uphold. Been trying to get verified for a week or more. Had enough. I want to do something with my BAT. Completely new to crypto but I get a little for free and want to try it out


@Blizz, i don’t really know what’s your plan about your assests. But from what i know, Brave official wallet partner is Uphold - and thats the only option.
If your not yet verified, you can contact brave support team to answer your queries.

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Thanks very much for your reply!
At this point it’s not a asset thing. I just want to get started doing something with my BAT. I’m 51 and have no idea about crypto. I have some BAT for doing basically nothing so I want to use it to see what it’s all about. I’m trying Uphold chat one more time. Failing that I’ll try Brave support
Thanks again

You just have to verify your uphold wallet and link it to brave to secure your earnings. Last week my uphold wallet received 24BAT, so excited :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
The problem is getting my Uphold wallet verified. Uphold support is taking forever to help me. The last time Uphold support contacted me they said I need to verify my email. That’s been done. I’m starting to get concerned that Uphold has my info.
Thanks again

Maybe you should start the process again, using a different email and follow the instructions carefully. You cannot afford to lose your hard-earned BATs…

That is an option. My BAT never transferred to Uphold so that isn’t a problem. My personal information is a concern tho
Thanks for your help

You’re welcome, I totally understand your concern because of identity theft. I’m sure uphold will respect your privacy and keep your information safe. Keep in touch with uphold support team until the issue is resolved.

Hi all! Abuhassan suggested starting over with a new email. I tried my other email and it said already registered. Ok. I tried to login with it and it worked. Yet I received messages from Uphold on the first email. They have both emails somehow. I really don’t think I gave both emails but I suppose I must have. I’ve actually made some trades! I still think Uphold support is very slow.
At any rate I’m looking forward to seeing how my trading works out!
Many thanks again to those who replied to my issue!! You are definitely faster than Uphold support!!

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Yeah their response is slow and sometimes you get no response at all maybe due to high number of requests from people having the same issue like yours or other problems, “which is not an excuse”. Actually response from some community members like this one are way faster, calming and better than the so called organised support teams from different organisations. Keep pushing until your issue is resolved to enable you utilise your earnings. Have a great time :slight_smile:

Yeh, Uphold is a terrible company.

I’ve complained to Brave about them twice now.

Terrible customer service & they even had site issues once so that I couldn’t log in.

I’m trying to remember how I got them to finally respond.

I would just keep writing them every day screaming you want a manager.

If they have a FB page, message them there, & post on their page that you are furious, etc. Make a scene.

Tweet at them on Twitter.

Of course their tech support is overseas which is just one more reason why they are terrible. They don’t understand English & they don’t know what they are doing.

After this first step you may have an issue with the 2 Factor authentication (2FA) at some point & from the sounds of it you probably don’t know how to do that & it’s a pain in the ass to do.

I’ve been around computers since '84 & the net since '94 & I still didn’t know how to do that b/c I never really did it before or if I did, it was easy as it depends on the site/company.

I recommend you use Google Auth.

You will have to install it on your cell phone & when you try to log in, it will send a code to your cell phone which you then have to input onto your computer…

I went around in circles with these morons for a month before my account finally got settled & then I had an issue 4 months later where I couldn’t log in again & I started screaming again.

Here’s this although I never got a phone number for them, but try looking him up Simon McLoughlin - President & Chief Operating Officer.

You can also file a complain on their BBB page, post a negative review on Trust Pilot, etc. Do whatever you can to get them to do their job & also complain to Brave here b/c it’s not fair we should have to go through all of this stress. They picked them.

Once everything is set up it’s fine. I don’t have issues, but it’s getting it verified & then that 2FA issue even after that (they had to remove it just so I could log in) that’s the issue & that’s on them, it wasn’t on me.

Even my website coder couldn’t figure it out.

I hope I helped you in some way.

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Thanks for your email! Ya, customer service seems to suck everywhere these days. Personally I think it’s on purpose. Make it so hard to get anywhere that you give up. Here’s a case where they have your currency/crypto and you want it. While I’m new to crypto, I imagine it’s like a bank. They use your money to make money for themselves. Oh, and we’ll take some of your money for"service charges"
Fortunately I was finally able to login. Turns out I was using the wrong email. Even though I don’t recall giving both and the two times they did respond, it was to a different email.
I guess the two stage verification comes in when I want to withdraw? Thanks for the pointers on that. Should be fun.
For now at least it’s just my BAT, no actual money of mine. See if I get rich quick! Hahahaha!!
I will do some complaining as well!
Thanks again for your help!!

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I contacted Uphold to ask them about money transfers in my country. They immediately answered me, and were very polite. I just hope that they can implement some kind of trading with PayPal, and for the verifying, I think I did it in less than a day. No problem at all, and I hope you can contact them to solve your problem.

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When you are new to something then claims to give you money; it never cashed out. It is most likely a fraud.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve since been able to access my wallet. As for whether they will pay me or not remains to be seen. I’m not really too concerned about it as I’m only using my accumulated BAT. This costs me nothing but time. In the hopefully not too distant future I’ll be up enough to see about getting paid.
Btw, Uphold support was kind enough to send me a message saying that they received my message requesting help two days after I got access to my wallet.
Thanks to all of you for your help!!

Uphold is not kind to me at all.
They even deleted my account when I tried to withdraw some money from it.
This is not fair!
They are being nice to some people but being mean to others.

Probably find that they are nice to people spending lots of money

For anyone new to crypto, Brave / Uphold / BAT is far more restrictive than the crypto world in general. Generally you have far more choice & flexibility.

Also although I’m not new to crypto, I’m fairly new to BAT / Brave. The uphold wallet is supposed to be accessible & verifiable only once you’ve collected 25 (I think) BAT.
I’m using Brave on both Android & pc, however there is much less BAT paid per ad these days (or so it seems). I have something like 1.5 BAT collected on each browser after about 2 months. Therefore the “verify” little icon/button on Android brave is not yet activated.
On PC, I was able to manually (ie seperately) sign up with Uphold (not through brave mechanism) & the BAT was then automagically synced to uphold. No such luck on Android. Apparently I have to wait until Android BAT balance hits 25 before “verifying/synching” is enabled.
BTW, looking around the Uphold wallet, it took me some time before I found out how to transfer BAT to an external ETH/ERC20 address, however the transfer fees are HUGE, so not worth it with just 25 BAT.
I think Brave want users to spend BAT by tipping websites instead.