Uphold wallet, Beginner's Help

In the uphold wallet, is BAT kept there forever?


you can transfer to your bank
any other wallet

1 select card

2 transfer method

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All of your BAT should remain in the wallet indefinitely unless:

  1. You choose to tip* out your favorite Brave Creators
  2. Exchange it for a different coin within the Uphold wallet itself
  3. Withdraw the BAT to a different wallet provider ie; Exodus, or Coinbase.

*Be sure to check your rewards settings in Brave and that auto contribute is off.


Well it is a great wallet for Shure . I allow my bat token on to uphold account , that I then reinvest in uphold opened associates which if you look around will find it.

There is many options which would guaranty - token|coin is not wasted.
About forever I can’t guaranty - and time itself wouldn’t know it .lol

But I can about the legitimacy associated with and amazing customer service which can reply with clear directions.

I get extra for a token plus I can simply transfer in gold in silver in bank in euro or reinvest which grows you automatically interest on the contract


*Thanks for your advise