Uphold verify problem

Brave is a very useful browser, and i Like it with Brave Reward.

Unfortunately There is a problem for me when i started to use it,
I am from Iran, And i can not verify myself on upheld…
Can you do something about that?
The IDEA about brave and Blockchain is community not countries, So please give me a solution and help me.
If this problem go away, I will request for regional leader and do my best to every Persian use Brave browser.
I am a web programmer and will create a site for brave in my region and i will share knowledge about brave in social medias.
Iran Population is 80,000,000, And it has a good people and culture, I know the problems but there is not anything wrong about it’s people.
Thank you,

Hi @soroush_zendedel,

If you’re having difficulty with verifying yourself on Uphold, please reach out to Uphold support.

hi @Dan
The problem is that uphold restricted Iran because of US laws, and we are not restricted in EU or other places,
If we can not use brave wallet in Iran do not let us to create one and wasting our time in researching and reading about BAT. Cryptocurrencies have an Idea when they are created, to not be restrict by anyone and anything, to not be afraid of governments, you are using and creating one and have no idea about it’s nature.

We have to adhere to United States law for withdrawals. In the future, there may be additional options for you. For now, you can use BAT to tip your favorite publishers.