Uphold verification is unlawfull

Hello world!
Brave and BAT will want to make decentralized world but uphold do not verify any account from IRAN while we do very jobs to introduce Brave and BAT to Iranian people in our site [www.SundayBlock.ir].
Please notice to population of Iran and respect to them and other free people in the world!
Thank you


Uphold are forced to do KYC and AML. Guess who’s behind those requirements? A: It’s not something friendly to Iran.

In desktop version of Brave has wallet, you don’t need to use Uphold for withdraw BAT. They want to add this feature for mobile versions in a few months. I suggest you to save your BAT until wallet be added your Browser.

Yes, but B: It’s not something friendly to decentralized world!

Thank you, but unfortunately it’s necessary to verify account by uphold to withdraw BAT anywhere anytime in Brave!