Uphold I cannot create the account

Hi, I was not able to create the wallet with Uphold, for reasons that have not been explained to me I cannot create the account. What does this mean? can I continue to use the browser’s wallet?

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Ive heard its only accessible on desktop

thank you @IamSupreme, I had tried downloading the app and authenticating from there. Then I moved to the desktop to do the configuration with Brave. Everything seemed to me to work, only they told me that the authentication didn’t go well and that it was not only eligible for an account. and I don’t know why. Do you think I can use BATs anyway?

Have you Verified your Identitie with uphold in the settings menu, if so u may need to wait a few hours mines took 3hrs

Yes I did, I upload my ID card and other information. Maybe could be the ID Cart format? because I have the Italian ID maybe is not good for Uphold wallet. But for example with Coinbase there was not problem.

Ok all i can suggest is to be sure your ID was readable. Im sorry for your troubles. But BRAVE browser is PRICELESS no other browser offers any type of reward and provides total privacy, contact uphold and send a message to the Brave support through the Brave Community… Good luck dont give up

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