Uphold and Gemini are not solution for Creators

Using Uphold and Gemini is not fair for all the creators who use BAT for donations and tipping. These exchanges are unfriendly and they are creating complicated and expensive rules for BAT withdraw.

I want to reach all BAT members involved into BAT implementation to look for other possible options and new exchanges ready to really support the token. The first two are on the way to kill this great idea and community.

Please, provide other options for us - the creators to operate with BAT, because we are on the way to leave and look for other forms to support what we are doing.

Thanks you all. We are great community and we can’t be cheated by the rules of few megalomaniac greedy exchanges.

BAT supporter on the way to leave.

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I am using Uphold for transactions and trading, I invest in the stock market and the commissions have been minimal and to transfer from Uphold to uphold at no commission