Unable to verify Uphold wallet - BAT in Brave Rewards creators blocked

Description of the issue:
Uphold close my account and write me that is not possible make an verified account.
So, I can’t take the BAT from the Brave Creator Program.

Steps to Reproduce
I have already tried to write to the assistance and I was told that the system is automatic and that they can’t do anything about it.
I have try make an other account with other email anche using a different driving license instead of ID card, but the result is the same: account not verified and blocked.

Actual Result:
I can’t use the BAT that I get form the Brave Creator Program.

Expected result:
I will like take my BAT and use it.

Hi @MarcooRo,

I’m sorry you’ve encountered this issue. However, only Uphold Support could offer more insight as the ID verification is performed with Uphold, and not directly with Brave Software. Brave does not see or process any of your information as part of the verification process.

In case you are unable to verify your account with Uphold no matter what, don’t worry—we aim to introduce other options for users in the future as well. (Please see question 14 in our Brave Ads & Rewards Troubleshooting FAQ - Can I withdraw my BAT earnings without Uphold, or not use a custodial solution such as Uphold at all for Brave Rewards? )

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Thank you @jennie. I will wait these other options because at moment it’s impossible for me make the verification with Uphold.
Thank you.

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