**Uh oh. Your wallet is unreachable.**

since a while now it shows the following in my bat rewards

Blockquote Uh oh. Your wallet is unreachable.

No worries. This can happen for a variety of security reasons. Reconnecting your wallet will solve this issue.

anyone know how to resolve this ? i can still access my bats via uphold

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@Cryptofreedome.com This may have been an intermittent issue over the weekend. Is this still an issue?

I have the same issue, for around 2 weeks now. I have also signed in to uphold and I still continue to see this

yes for me too since more than 2 weeks still the same

@Cryptofreedome.com and @BimsBet – If you continue to have problems, please visit community.brave.com – We have a team of support people that can help you with these types of issues.

it managed to reconnect :slight_smile:

This problem came up for me a week ago.
I disconnected the wallet and reconnected it several times, I see funds under “Brave Rewards” and my wallet is verified. I have a correct Uphold wallet.
Under “Crypto Wallets”, I could connect to it, but saw no funds, but perhaps it is because I don’t have enough. Suddenly this disappeared to.

And next to the BAT icon, next to the address bar there is a little number two in a red circle and the error “Uh oh, Your wallet is unreachable”

What could I try to get this solved please?

Hi welcome to the BAT community

Did you saw a (X) button at the top right corner of the panel?

If you saw it,
after reconnect to your Uphold account
click the (X) mark

If there is no (X) button
State your problem here community.brave.com

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Wonderful! That fixed it. So there was no more problem, The error was not reset yet.