Translate to portuguese brazilian

I need to traduce brave to Portuguese Brazilian, as all topics. Possible ? thanks

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Hi, Brave is already translated to Brazilian Portuguese. And by the way, i believe the word ‘traduce’ doesn’t mean what you think it means.
Traduce (from the web):
“To make false or malicious statements about (someone) in order to cause humiliation or disgrace.”

Hi there - this might help, it’s all I could find on here
If you’ve not installed Telegram, you would need to do that first, either desktop or mobile [or both :wink: ]

Google Translate can throw up some weird ones.
I use it to turn my English posts and tweets into Portuguese and Spanish.
My wife is from Brasil and runs a translation service (Portuguese/English). She did offer to check them 1st for me but she reckons Google Translator still understandable.

my menu and submenus in english too.