Transfer out BAT brave browser wallet

I’m little upset about Brave.

Try to just transfer BAT out of my wallet browser to another wallet. And i get a first fail 'cause i don’t have ETH (Ethrium) to pay for gass transfer (fee).

After load the wallet browser with some ETH, i try a bunch time to transfer BAT and i get error.

Normal ? or the browser Brave is not finish this part ?

i see uphold again in the radar :expressionless:

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Crypto wallet or brave://rewards wallet?

You may want to open a thread on

Crypto wallet of course :slight_smile:

what ! they have two forum why ??

This site is for BAT-related discussion, etc. While is an official support forum for Brave Browser. :slight_smile:

I see you already open a new report there. :+1:

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i think it’s a blank spot problem. Brave doesn’t tell that the brave browser wallet doesn’t work.