Transfer from brave to uphold

How to transfer my BAT token in my brave browser to my uphold account???

Click on “verify wallet” in Brave Rewards to initiate this process. You will be redirected to an authorization page at Uphold. Once you have registered with Uphold, a Brave-branded BAT “card” will be created in your Uphold account and you will be directed to connect your Brave browser to your Uphold BAT card.

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I cant find (verify wallet) in my brave rewards…

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It’s not yet available on Android. That will be coming next. It is currently only possible on Desktop!

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So that means that i cannot withdraw my tokens sir? And just let it expire?

You cannot withdrawal them at this time @Wardig90.

Is it required to be on a pc to do this bud?

I only have my mobile

@KEYSMASTER This functionality is available on desktop, correct.

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Okay thanks bud…

So this will eventually be available on Android?

Because for now it seems there’s no way to verify my wallet from my android phone…

Thanks for your time!

Thanks bud…

Will it eventually be functional on my Android phone?

Also is there a way to transfer my android mobile brave account to a pc?

I have abiut 17 dollars Id love to be able to access…

I’ve watched ads on on brave for months to earn that BAT… I’m just praying its possible to access the funds soon.


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@KEYSMASTER Yes, this functionality will be available in the future.

Is it possible to combine the earned Brave rewards between ex… your Android, PC, and Mac. I currently use all 3 and have rewards accumulating on all 3 of them.
I am aware of the sync button for bookmarks but I’m strictly referring to BAT earnings or grants.

Thanks for your time and effort,


Cannot verify my Uphold A/C. The barcode is “Invalid barcode” after scanning it. Any fix for this. Their support just say clear cache, use different browser, etc. but still not fixed. Can use another Account to deposit ? Uphold is such a pain that it’s not working at all. Can you provide other solution/Account to use rather than a single Uphold ? Pls advise. Thanks

Hi @Breezie

If you are wanting to verify your uphold account, you can also try the option to manually upload your ID photo. Have you tried that?

If theres still an issue, i’m sure our guys from will be able to better assist you. :blush:

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