To hodl or not to hold, BAT is the question

I listened to a recent interview with Brendan Eich lamenting the fact that most people hodl BAT endlessly and avoid spending it regularly. How does this effect the ecosystem? I’m interested in both the good and bad aspects of this. I suppose is that it hurts creators, since BAT auto-contributions could be such a great alternative
to the utterly broken Youtube monitization system. I’ve been a hodler, trying to benefit off the volatility, though the surge due to yield farming came and went this past summer.

BAT is like a prize for seeing ads, and created to prize content creators. I think that they do it for that purpose. When the BAT price rises to 0.40 USD, I think that a lot of us sell some of our BATs and hold the rest in the case of it gets higher. I’m not saying it’s bad, but we stopped contributing and holding for ourselves. I’m talking about me, but maybe I’m not the one that thinked in that way… Anyway, BAT is a great idea, just I have to learn to be less greddy.
P.S.: sorry for the bad English :see_no_evil: