Tips not received in Uphold

I am newbie to BAT Community. I have a website which provides API for users for free, so I usually get some tips from users (not from BAT, but other sources like GitHub sponsors, etc.).

I registered the BAT Creators project on 2020/02/24. For these 2 months, I get some rewards, but not too much, so I do not pay too many attentions to this. However, today when I checked the Statements on BAT Creators page, I found that I have many tips from users.

I published my services (API) on January, so that is the month that I got most of the users and tips. As mentioned in the dashboard, those tips should directly go into my Uphold accounts. But, in fact, I only received tips after the registration. The tips before my registration (January) did not go into my account.

I have already searched in the forum, but it seems that not many people have the similar problem. Is there anyone have some suggestions?

P.S. I only received the payments of Mar 2020 - Apr 2020, the rest of which are all gone.

Thank you guys in advance!


Hi welcome to the BAT community @Blanker
Forward your issue to

Thanks. I will do it right now.