This may seem odd?

Folks. Here we are… This may be an odd post and please just some information is what we are asking for.
Due to our circumstances we are thinking of travelling and stopping here and there a bit like the gypsies. This is only a thought at the moment.

We are not city folk. like the small community life. Access to internet and crypto would be very beneficial.

We even wouldn’t mind a group travelling…

Thoughts on this and no snow!

I think I understand what your asking.

Are you asking for a place small town, in the Earth snow-less, to go for vacation 2-3 days, of peace?

If it was May, and if you were in america, I’d say St. Joseph, MI.

I was probably no help, but it is what it is.

Thanks. Sort of along these lines. We are thinking of no real time frame for stops. Maybe a little bartering. Trying to ascertain if say USA would be better than Europe, Spain better than England type of questions. So far USA is looking okay.