The sad story of Survivors (TV-show) heritage

This is a really of-topic topic about an really of-topic topic.

But did you know that the TV-show “Survivor” is based on an Swedish reality show (the first of it´s kind) from way back in 1997 and still running, called “Expedition Robionson”.
It´s almost exactly the same program only that the US version is more about the competiions and scheming.

But now to come to my point about the kinda dark heritage side of the story,
When “Expedition Robinson” aired it´s absolute first episode of the first season, the guy who was voted out first did in fact go and killed him self by hanging.
On the flip side side - it has not happened ever again.

I really like the US Survivoe show AND the Swedish version in different ways.

And as bonus of-topic topic I BELIEVE “Expedition Robinson” was the absolute first reality show in the world…so don´t forget to thank and pray for Sweden when your co-worker chirps holes in to your head about the latest Jersey Shore episode.