The majority of my domains are registered with Brave

I’m a domain investor, and I’ve made it a point to make most of my single-page landers Brave/BAT-enabled.

I don’t think there’s a way to batch or bulk-add sites as a Brave Creator; I try to add a few every day, when I have time.

I probably have too many to list here, but at some point I would like to try to let the world know about them, at least for the time that they were under my control (domaining/domain investing can be as volatile as it is rewarding).

Sometimes, I’ll develop a site into a blog, and update whenever I am able. An example of such a domain/site is:

I chose that one because it is the only one I used Joomla to make. I have a handful using WordPress, and a ton with HTML from scratch that evolved into templates. I’m still trying to get the whole verification thing completed with Uphold, but so far, that’s been an exercise in futility.

Good luck to all, and keep creating!

Joule aka Bertrell


Great I can suggest you another domain investing opportunites , where to reach you, if I would have spare cash I would have also invested some in domains :slight_smile::hugs:

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Hi @cryptomaniac (cool name, btw),

Much appreciated, but I only broker and sell domains (not looking to acquire any).

Take it easy,

Bert aka ObiWanCryptobi


I am not talking about web 2 domains but web 3 domains which you get full ownership and access unlike web 2 domain in which registrar has full control and domain can be taken anytime join here to get your favorite .crypto web 3.0 domain at the earliest


Appreciate the info, but I already have a referral link there, as well:

You should try Unstoppable Domains
I have like 2-4 domains so far, I’d like to list at less 2 of them for sale :thinking:

DM me :e-mail: for the domains name >> listing and the cost :heavy_dollar_sign:

:joy: I don’t think either of y’all get the point, but I ain’t mad atcha.

cryptomaniac vs afronomad_eth


Bertrell aka Petty Parker aka MemeJab


Update: I was finally able to verify my identity with Uphold. I think I got lucky.

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is there no way to transfer earned bat without uphold ?

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hey there @bertrell , what do you mean by that?

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I think this has been covered in multiple places, with the short answer being no. Here’s a link where someone asks (and gets an answer to) a similar question:

If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will let me know.

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Meaning, if someone has multiple sites that they wish to add to the platform, they would have to add them all individually to the platform–one at at time–instead of being able to add more than one at a time.

Hope that answers the question.

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TY @bertrell, It does answer the question, in the other hand, does this sounds like a scability problem? or is that how all platforms functions?

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It isn’t how all platforms function, but the ability to work with bulk control tools has it’s share of advantages–mainly saving time.

By no means am I complaining that none exist for this platform–it’s just that if it did, or if that was a feature that was implemented, I would definitely use it. I don’t think most users/creators have more than a handful of rewards properties, so bulk control tools aren’t a necessity. It just so happens that I have more than a handful.