Thatkidsblack, a Brave photographer

The black kid on the block is none other than yours truly. Seven years into photography and finally the chance to share my work for reward is here. I remember so many nights uploading work I risked life and limb for, only to receive a lot of likes and the occasional comment. I lost sight of my love for photography seeking fame.

Today, I remember why I asked @subterranean if I could go shoot with him and Owen. The desire to create is not unique to me. The new thing is the creations can lead to more creations, rewards inviting greater efforts. I’m sure creative types all run on something different. I, myself, make portraits on STEEM. Check out my block.

I’ve got this one image of Reggie, and even now I’m impressed how natural it felt to catch this moment. His backlit features highlight a grim look with juxtaposition, all dampened by a cool temperature and visibly malfunctioning security measure, the fence. An image of myself, all seen in a portrait of another. Your meaning makes this experience unique, another of man’s ubiquitous desires. For your viewing pleasure, accept the invitation to privileged observation.


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Dynamic man, carry on. hope is calling you!!

Thank you! I can feel it in my fingers.

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