Teaching people about BAT/Brave

Hi everyone,
Tom from Altcoin Fantasy here – we are a crypto education platform aimed at teaching people about the various blockchain projects via gamification. Our first game is a crypto trading simulation where we give you some fictitious money to purchase any coin of your choosing.

Would love to reach out to the community for some feedback. Here’s a screenshot from our game with the description of the BAT project.

Do you guys find this useful/effective at educating the masses about BAT (and to a greater extend, blockchain projects in general)? What is missing here that people should know about?

Here’s our game on the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.altcoinfantasy.altcoinfantasy&hl=en_CA

Our web app: https://altcoinfantasy.com

Any feedback is welcome!


What is the point of the game in terms of the game mechanics?

I know learning is the key, but what makes folks wanna win while they do it?:cowboy_hat_face:

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Yeah, I want to know more! <3 I love playing games for crypto. <3

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I dig the fact you guys are advocates for Brave and BAT. I’ve seen your ads and I see you’re doing presentations about your results. Hopefully, that gets recorded, because I’d love to hear how things are going!

I think your description is pretty solid. As a reader, it might help to note that BAT is a part of the Brave browser project. A short blurb about the mission of the browser will tie it all together.

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Hi Hubert,
I’ll see if we can get the presentation recorded – in any case I’ll share the slides and the article we’ll be writing. Yes @daniel will be giving a prior presentation on what BAT is at the meetup!