Support for Schools

I having gone through 20 years of addiction and alcoholism, speak in schools in a very candid and honest way about why I used drugs, what they cost me and why I stopped. Unfortunately, most expenses for such come out of my pocket which limits how often or far from my hometown I can assist places with such.

I’m curious if anyone has any ideas on how I can utilize donations or public support through BAT without the “crowd funding” or online fundraising type approaches.

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@Chrislautischer One thing you could do is create content giving people the opportunity to learn more about what you are doing and tip you BAT. For example, if you created YouTube videos, tweets, a web page, etc. you can get all of these properties included to our Brave Creators program. Then, all of these properties would be elegible to receive tips.

You’d also be eligible for our referral program, which will allow you to receive compensation for each person who downloads and uses Brave for 30 days via your referral link.

We’ve had a few charities/non-profits sign on as creators to help fund what they are doing, as you can see here on our Giving Tuesday page.

Does this help?

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Definitely does. I’ve gotten my page set up, just in the process of setting up a YouTube channel. I’ve never been a “tweeter” (user of twitter? Lol), but think it may be worth looking at.
I’m still in the process of migrating my performing stuff onto my site.
Thanks @Dan

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How would one apply to be featured?