[Suggestion] Map with Regional Leaders 🗺️


Hi BAT community,

I was looking for Regional Leaders near my location and I didn’t find a map/list. So I suggest to built a map like GitHub Campus Expert program.

This way is easier to find Regional Leaders and meetups.



Great idea! We actually used to have a built-in map like this on our Meetup.com page, but we had to refactor our account, so we lost all of our country flags.

However, I will find another mapping service to re-tag and pin all our different regional leader groups!

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Maybe the map could also link to the page on the forum dedicated to each country and where ppl can use their mothertong to post in. I had a remark during my meeting about the fact that the meetup group close and ppl had issue joining the main group and getting the info about countries ambassadors and meeting, I think about something like bitcointalk do with langages.

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Here is the current map :). We will continue to update it over time!



Very nice map @chriscat!

I offer my web developer skills to built this map on batcommunity.org


I found the repo https://github.com/brave/bat-community-website, PR soon