Songwriters using BAT

Good morning from me in England!
I’m a musician and songwriter and have been earning Steem from my music since January 2018.
With that Steem, I have invested in various small alt coins as a bit of fun really.
But now I’d like to push things forward and use BAT as a way of earning from my music.
I have no idea how to do that and would like some advice or help to set up a reward system for serious songwriters that are releasing music.
Many thanks and I hope to hear from some like minded people soon.

You can find my new releases on Spotify and iTunes as well as many other stores.
Just search Darren Claxton Music.
Thanks again.


Hi Darren,
If you want to verify yourself as content creator, head to and sign up.
Verification process there is really simple: you just choose type of profile you want to verify (website/YT channel/Twitter etc., of course you can connect multiple of them) and then log in through the service. In case of website, you need to verify that you are the owner of it by following simple step (adding file on server or adding domain TXT record).
To withdraw funds you will need to have Uphold verified account. Because of the law, there is need to go through KYC verification, which require from you to show them a valid personal document (ID, driver licence or passport).

If you have any further questions or problems with that, don’t hesitate writing here.


Hey @darrenclaxton, I’m curious about what you had in mind for something like this? Would it be a platform? A way to tip songwriters on a platform like Bandcamp?

Curious about your thinking here!

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Hi Dan.
I was thinking of linking my SoundCloud and YouTube accounts to gain more exposure and tokens.

@Dan i also think some special functionalities for independent musicians need to be made using bat…

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Hi there - I messaged Bendikt who runs, suggesting he could add BAT tipping to the site - he’s not gotten back to me, but the idea is there. I think it would be a massive boost to introduce BAT to the online music world. It would be a game-changer for soundcloud, mixcloud, hearthis etc