Some thing that MUST be added to the Brave browser

Hey Developers,
You guys did a great job with this browser. But something it really needs is more flexibility and customization. Today i am gonna share some of my ideas with you.

  1. Customizable homescreen: We should be able to set a fixed wallpaper in the homescreen. Also we should be able to set a few sites as ‘popular sites’ manually.

  2. Developer Tools: Make sure to upgrade the quality of it. It’s not as good as chrome’s one.

  3. Unique Features: Add more unique features to Brave. Vivaldi Browser has the most unique features. Apart from the ones I already mentioned, it has notes, rewind & fast-forward, tab stacks, contrast adjustment, and more. Oh, and it also comes with Philips Hue integration. I would love to see some of these features in Brave.

And yeah, not just the home screen, add overally more customizations, like tab sizes, colors, Custom widgets in homescreen etc



You may want to forward your feedback to too :slight_smile:

But for 1, both is in the plan. And the ability to manually edit tiles on NTP is in the works, AFAIK.


Brave need more language’s Options for more Unterstanding worldwide. i need this all in German and Türkish language for promoting for new brave partners. :chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket::rocket::rocket: