Signup bonus $5 not credit my brave browser

Please brave browser add my $5 in my account


There’s no “sign up bonus” like you described. Can you elaborate more?

How to get.because ready download

Do you mean the Brave Browser referral reward program?

Yes we have not receive Refferal reward


Me neither! I must have referred many times over, but have also not received anything from that as yet, and when I go to my creator page, it shows no referrals [which cannot be correct!]. What I intend to do is join the ‘other’ BAT/Brave Technical Support forum which is for technical support. I’ve created an account over there, but I have not yet had time to properly follow it up. When I do, I will post here. My assumption is that Brave are so busy with the rollout that certain aspects are not quite working yet. That’s my guess anyway.

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