September Giveaway merch never received

Our group of more then 8 persons who been referred by @Goldenmat had participate in the September giveaway, 5 friends referral. We were suppose to win Brave merch by the end of October,. as winner we’ve been contacted by @jennie to get our mailing address to get our stuff and we haven’t received anything yet.

Is there any other winners for this referral contest, who won and haven’t received their merch as well. I’m wondering if there’s any problem!

Hi @cryptoman,

Thanks for the follow-up! As per my earlier message to your group, packages were to be shipped by the end of October; international shipping and delivery times vary, but can take up to several more weeks. You and each of your friends should have received a tracking number from FedEx containing a tracking number once your packages were dispatched. If you did not receive your tracking number(s), I will get in touch with our warehouse and get those to you right away.

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:



I’m also waiting for answers about the Brave merchandise I don’t receive tracking number.

Hi Jennie, thank you for this reply. I did a lit survey and follow up with my group of 5 person and nobody received any tracking number or delivery message from the warehouse. If you could provide or ask for the delivery/warehouse to provide people with their tracking number it will be much appreciated.
Mathieu :wink:



I followed up with you over PM.

Thanks! :blush:

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Hi @Goldenmat,

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve followed up with you over PM. Most, if not all of your friends should have received their packages by now, :smiley: