Sent BAT from coinbase to BAT token address instead of wallet. Need help with reversal

Was directed here and was hoping someone could help me or guide me in the right direction with something. I did some research and found some tokens have a reversal built into the code or block so I was wondering if I could retrieve my BAT. I’m not sure if BAT does but here’s what happened and maybe you could help me at least know if I’m out of luck or in luck. I TRIED to send my BAT from coinbase to metamask. Something I’ve done many times with numerous coins. This time though, I accidentally did not copy my metamask address, I still had the BAT token address in my clipboard, so I sent allll my BAT to the BAT Token address instead of the metamask wallet. In summary I lost all my money :man_facepalming:. I found it in etherscan and such but not sure if I’m able to retrieve my funds. Any chance you could help me with this?

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