Sending "hello" from the UK

Hi! I’m Julis, and I’m new to the whole idea of Brave and BAT. It spiked my curiosity, and I hope I can learn new things here and finally make up my mind, whether to change my browser for good or not. Nice to meet you :wink:


Hi @Julis! If you’re ready to learn you’ve come to the right place! :slight_smile:

There are a bunch of great resources available designed to teach newcomers all about BAT & Brave. Here are my top recommendations to start:

The official Brave website

Beginner introduction videos (courtesy of Coinbase)

All about Brave Rewards

Introduction Guide to BAT

Brave Ads & Rewards Troubleshooting FAQ

Find more information about BAT and to join community discussions on the BATProject subreddit. The Brave browser subreddit can be found here.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for the accessible info. I’ve checked most of the links already, but it’s nice to see such a quick reply ;).

I definitely recommend keeping up with the community discussion on Reddit in that case! Members there are always raising good questions and interesting topics for discussion. :slight_smile:


I never needed any convincing in the first place to be honest. Even without the tipping part, I will be using brave browser for respecting my privacy


Hello and welcome :smiley:

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Well yes, privacy is important, but I’m kind of used to the dominance of Google, and I use most of its tools because they are convenient. Both Brave and Google have their advantages and disadvantages, and I want to learn more about these before I make a decision.

Hello how are you i am from France have nice day

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