Scam or not scam


i would like to ask if this site is scam or not ?

if there a better way to see how munch your BAT worth ?


It’s good to be cautious but why would you think it’s a scam? Do a general search to see if are any troubling articles appear. I also would suggest investigating if they hold your assets. I would be less likely to go with a service that did - not because I automatically think they are scammers, but because it’s another attack vector.

This service appears to be a reporting tool specifically for tax purposes (so perhaps they don’t hold your assets). Is this what you need? If not and you are specifically looking to figure out the worth of your BAT holdings earned through Brave ads then this is listed on your Uphold account (look to set one up if you haven’t already). This feature is a prerequisite for any crypto exchange (e.g. Coinbase, Binance etc.) or currency service that supports crypto (Revolut, Uphold etc).

In France, the ONLY site referenced by as being reliable for free Bitcoins is:

If you can read or translate french, see there:

Example of withdraw:

We have just sent a payment of 0.00078289 BTC to your bitcoin address 1N-------Uq .

To view the transaction, go to

It might take upto 6-24 hours for the coins to appear in your wallet.

If you use a desktop wallet software and are unable to see the coins, please leave your wallet software running to let it sync with the network after which you will be able to see the full balance in your wallet. If you use a web wallet and are unable to see the funds in your wallet, please contact the wallet provider with the transaction link provided in this email., 3rd Floor, J and C Building, PO Box 933, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

there are good information for beginners on this site but as you progress in crypto, you tend to see site like this as scan.
i came in crypto for privacy and decentralized stuff but just give a bunch of referral link without giving good regard. I also test faucet, oh my … it’s a lost cause.
DEX tend to be more like i imagine crypto and faucet like make you lose time.

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i think i understand now ACCOINTING is like uphold.

Sorry @PereCastor but I use just for news about bitcoins.
I tried sites and wallets… My reference is Coinbase now.

i thinks right now they are the best platform for exchange currencies between bank and cypto work :smiley: