Russia ftom Murmansk

Hi. Im from Russia Murmansk city. How are you


Hi, I am from Indonesia…

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Hi… I am from Samara

I’m fantastic, how are things in Murmansk City ?

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as well as in all of Russia. not very good. Cities in the region are closed. Sea fishing was banned. A lot of infected in Belokamnka

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Привет. как дела обстоят в Самаре?

This one caught my eye. Any reason for it ?

Btw welcome to the community

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Same here in NZ, no swimming, boating fishing, sitting on beaches (which I don’t mind) I prefer hiking and backpacking, but that too is banned. @danilakan Are you on Twitter ?

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Всем привет. Есть кто из Москвы?

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Привет всем, я из Украины Днепр

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my twitter @nKFbzMtL6FdbD77 another account is banned

Привет. Должны быть. В Москве много кто пользуется Brave

Привет. Как там у Вас дела?


There is always a reason … The government refers to a pandemic