Rules for the Off-Topic Section

I feel this forum should have a “rules” post. Granted, I understand the uncomfortable topic I posted previously being removed. I think it’s only fair if the goal is user “buy-in” to these forums. Especially without any spam, nsfw material (as would be understandable for any venue open to the public), it makes it more difficult to post about something off-topic without fear of censorship.

Yes but a open mind is what makes us who we are…

Good idea.

What else would you add aside this?

  • No NSFW or content that would lean in this direction
  • No spam or referral links

Also, what we could do is wait a bit to see if things get out of hand. I would assume that most people know how they should behave on a forum, but no matter how many rules you put, there will aways be someone to violate all of them! :grinning: